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Signature Experience

Nature, wildlife, sustainability & the community

It is extremely important to Kokomo to continue to support our local communities, who are vulnerable to the effects of climate change and over tourism. Along with assisting local villages and schools with much needed supplies, our team are integral to their coastal protection and environmental management, as well as long term employment prospects.

Dock to Dish

For the complete Dock to Dish experience, join our master fisherman on a fishing excursion. Learn the traditional methods of handline fishing, whilst listening as stories are told about the way of life in traditional Fijian Villages. Bring your catch back to shore and have it transformed into a decadent meal by Kokomo’s culinary team. The ethical sourcing of seafood is reflected in how the produce is prepared, allowing your catch to be the hero of the dish.

Farm to Table Experience

Join a member of Kokomo’s food and beverage team for a guided tour of our 5.5-acre farm. Visit our hydroponics garden and vanilla plantation. Learn about the mechanisms we have put in place for growing herbs, fruits, and vegetables, as well as our practices for taking care of our resident bees and free-range chickens.

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